Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK)

Special Needs Education Center Nonprofit

Logo/identity branding, web design, marketing, print/promotional material design, online video production.

The TASK website project began with the design of a people-friendly logo that was colorful and optimistic. The logo had to be reducible as well as recognizable when printed in black and white. The logo and the web site had to accurately depict the demographic that TASK serves, which is special needs children and their parents and families. Another major emphasis was in showing the TASK’s staff and meeting rooms, so that web visitors will be familiar with the TASK environment before their first physical visit. Support, advocacy and a welcoming atmosphere was the consistent theme throughout.

In addition to the website, we worked with TASK to come up with the slogan, “Supporting, informing, empowering,” honing the essence of their mission from twenty rough slogan ideas, down to three succinct words. We also created a template for their quarterly newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, the program used by TASK staff.

Our duties included updating the website, editing/converting web and print graphics, and acting as liaison with printers during production of promotional items. Other duties include marketing strategies consulting, search engine optimization, and implementing web apps like the social networking buttons. We also created and administer a fan page for TASK within the Facebook social networking site.

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