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Internet consulting for over 20 years, specializing in coordinating, developing and implementing digital assets to create an optimized visual narrative.

As a project lead or working collaboratively with a team under a supervisor, ability to self-regulate time, resources, and creativity to deliver concrete solutions at every milestone to assure completion before each specified date.

Multidisciplinary approach to telling a story, including storyboards, wireframes, website creation, graphic design, corporate branding, and technical, editorial, and creative writing. Utilize social media for viral campaigns, including blogging, infographics, and listserv.

Fluent at creating protocols for the handling and classification of incoming content from various sources, implementing changes while archiving older content.



Information Architecture

  • Rapid visualization and prototyping for websites and supportive online promotional campaigns.
  • Hierarchical and strategic placement of web content to optimize search engine rankings.
  • Researching, writing and editing content for ease of understanding and visitor enjoyment.

Content Strategy

  • Preproduction A/B testing from initial sketches through wireframe development and final design, with an emphasis on target demographics and white hat search engine optimization.
  • Researching competition, identifying areas of strong vs. weak market saturation.
  • Maximizing budget by implementing social media and viral campaigns to target untapped areas with high demand.

Corporate Branding

  • Logo, collateral material, and website design, including typeface and color testing, marketing slogans, and advertising verbiage to coincide with an Internet presence.
  • Produce creative solutions while adhering to company’s established style guidelines and maintaining visual consistency.
  • Strategy consulting and implementation using social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+


  • Research, write and proofread medical and educational content since 1997, including acute and chronic diseases and treatments, patient guides, physician biographies, education personnel testing material, and infographic text for California higher education programs.
  • Assisted in writing marketing pieces, including print brochures, posters, event invitations for hospitals and individual practices.


  • Multi-tiered search engine optimization for different audiences, including general public, niche demographic, regional (GEO-SEO), and business-to-business.
  • Use Google Analytics in conjunction with manual, non-cookie searches through search engines including Google, Bing, Ask, Lycos, and Duckduckgo to get objective popularity data.