An Easy, Beautiful Walk

If someone were to ask me to describe what I do in as few words as possible, I would say this:

aneasybeautifulwalk4I tell a story.

If someone were to ask me to elaborate, I would say these:

I tell a story, your story, through words and pictures on the Internet. If you were a school, I would talk about how your school became what it is today, who were the important people involved, and who keeps it running now. I would talk about what’s going on at your school lately, and if you have pictures, maybe we can show those.

I would talk about what makes your school different from the others, and as honestly and humbly as possible, what parts of your school are better than the others. I would involve your voice in the story.

If your school was ranked high in sports or in the arts, we would talk about that. If some of the classes you offered counted toward college credit, we would definitely talk about that. And of course, we would talk about the students in your school, and what makes them better people for being there. Just as in a trustworthy story, everything that we say, we would back it up with facts, news articles, and statistics.

We would speak conversationally so our words would be easy to understand. Only when simple words aren’t enough will we introduce the more complicated words.

I would make the walking path easy for your reader, by keeping the path clean and free of distractions. I would place benches that face scenery along the way, so that your reader can rest while looking at something beautiful. I would place signposts and directions so your reader doesn’t get lost, but discreet enough so as not to take away from the beautiful walk.

The path would be so enjoyable that the reader would want to return as often as possible.

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