Keck USC Department of Surgery

Keck USC Dept. of Surgery

Department of Surgery archived website
As of September 2016, the site annually receives more than 2.27 million page views from more than 1.37 million unique visitors, and has increased traffic by 25% every year. Working directly with surgeons and administrators, I created the architecture for a 2000-page site, including 15 divisional subsites. Researched, wrote and proofread text content, created and edited photos, diagrams, and illustrations, and promoted the site through SEO and social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. More…


Schoolguides: Transition Guides for Students

Schoolguides archived home page
Another multifaceted project that began as a simple website redesign, the Schoolguides.org program expanded to include designing a 64-page student handbook, logo and branding, and creating marketing pieces for new online experiences, including a social networking module for schools. More…


Commercial Sand Blast Company

Produced for a modest budget and with very little text content from the client, the Commercial Sandblast website required maneuvering of available collateral material to create a sense of visual robustness. Another goal was to get the simple message of “we do commercial sandblasting, pipeline coating, painting and restoration” out to the public, as clearly as possible. More…


Kay Dermatology

Kay Dermatology archive site
Web design, development & front end architecture, content editing, video editing and conversion, web marketing and search engine optimization. Dr. Martin Kay’s site caters as much to a senior audience as well as the middle age demographic, and as much to men as to women. The web site was designed to be family-friendly which meant no nudity or suggestive graphics. Our task was to create a safe, accurate and informative online experience while still maintaining a certain level of design aesthetics, a certain “sexiness”. More…


Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK)

TASK archived site
The TASK website project began with the design of a people-friendly logo that was colorful and optimistic. The logo had to be reducible as well as recognizable when printed in black and white. The logo and the web site had to accurately depict the demographic that TASK serves, which is special needs children and their parents and families. More…