Creative Strategy and Content Design

Services offered: Content creation and curation, visual design and strategic integration with social media

Creative strategy is the process of presenting intended content in a unique way that draws the attention of the target audience. It isn’t enough that information is presented with clarity–the message also has to be persuasive enough so that the consumer acts as well as understands.

The strategist’s job is to learn the consumer’s tendencies, anticipate their needs, and structure experiences that compel them to buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, follow a social media account, or at the very least remember the brand long after the initial touch.

Once the strategy is formed, the content is created, through words and images, buttons and slogans, pull quotes and diagrams. Everything designed so that marketing techniques blend organically with classical aesthetics, everything flowing smoothly and effortlessly, with impeccable certainty.


Content Research, Writing, and Editing

Services offered: Content writing, editing, proofreading, research, consultation

Web content writing is conversational, technical, supportive, relational, and market-driven. It’s about distilling words to get to the essence of the topic.

Good writing catches the visitor’s attention in a matter of seconds. Once you have their time, you need to earn their trust. You do this by becoming an expert on what you’re saying, doing due diligence in terms of research, fact-checking, keeping in touch with current events and shifts in the consumer market.

Writing for the Internet means having to consider and include weblinks, supportive graphics, different font sizes and colors, and an ability to “design” words, not just write them.

Writing means knowing that long passages will need to be divided into smaller ones, and long articles will need to be distributed throughout multiple web pages. And no matter what, the writing has to be understood quickly and easily.

As for search engine optimization (SEO), it is best accomplished by providing the most thorough, transparent, and honest information that you can offer, then performing tasks to help search engines find each page more efficiently. As always, content is king, and the more useful content you have, the better.


WordPress and Social Media

Services offered: Wordpress and social media account creation, administration and content creation including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube


WordPress is, by far, the most ubiquitous website platform in use right now, and combining it with social media further strengthens a brand’s top of mind awareness.

Businesses usually have two choices when it comes to WordPress—the semi-custom method of downloading a design theme and tweaking it, or having a complete website created from scratch using the WordPress engine.

Because it’s more economically feasible and in many cases more stable, most businesses choose the semi-custom method, of downloading a tried-and-tested pre-made WordPress theme, and then adjusting the colors, widgets, plugins, and some layout, to suit their specific needs. We also think that’s a good way to go, which is why we specialize in it.

We will work with you to semi-customize your WordPress theme, as well as help you create content to put inside it. If you haven’t yet chosen a theme, we will discuss your goals and help you choose a pre-made WordPress theme that’s right for you.


Chances are your company already has at least one social media account. And if you don’t, we can help you there as well. We specialize in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube account setup and administration. We will create, advise, curate, and administer your social content to align with your website, so your online strategy is coordinated and optimized.


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