Schoolguides: Transition Guides for Students

School and education website

Web design and front end architecture, book design, print/promotional material design, marketing and search engine strategies, cartoons and illustrations.

Another multifaceted project that began as a simple website redesign, the program expanded to include designing a 64-page student handbook, logo and branding, and creating marketing pieces for new online experiences, including a social networking module for schools.

The website went through at least three major redesigns to keep up with its evolving target market, which is schoolchildren and their families. The most recent version was designed to reflect other marketing pieces aimed toward high school students, including TV commercials, magazine ads, and point of purchase displays at retail stores.

Although the website’s largest target audience was high school students and their families, other subsections were aimed toward middle school and elementary students, as well as a separate section that took the visitor directly to order forms. To make navigation as simple as possible right from the start, we worked with the Schoolguides educators to distill the options on the home page, ultimately reducing the number of main buttons to four. We would sometimes add a fifth button during a promotional period, including one that called attention to a DVD on computer/Internet addiction. Below is one of the cartoons I drew for the DVD cover and supportive material for the website.


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